Mission Statement:
"The Fort Brewerton
Historical Society will
strive to collect and
preserve history for
the education and
entertainment of the
public at large. We
shall also endeavor to
maintain and expand
existing facilities and
historical collections."

We are Located north of Brewerton Bridge in Oswego County at 9 US RT 11

Board Memebers 2007

President: Pat Carlin 315-676-3042
Vice President: Mary Sharp 315- 668-2514
Secretary: Irene Meyers 315-668-2178
Treasure: Clarissa L. Stallknecht 315-676-5414


Trustee: Lucille Fox 315-478-5129
Trustee: Ann Schilly 315-668-3887
Trustee: Bill Schilly 315-668-3887
Trustee: Elliott Wood 315-623-7323
School Educator: Liz Fleury 315-668-9679