Mission Statement:
"The Fort Brewerton
Historical Society will
strive to collect and
preserve history for
the education and
entertainment of the
public at large. We
shall also endeavor to
maintain and expand
existing facilities and
historical collections."

In 1965 the Fort Brewerton Historical Society was formed to collect and preserve our local history. The reconstruction of the first settler's block house known as Oliver Steven's Block House was completed in 1778 Built of logs, it is based on the original design of the building, utilizing the bricks recovered from the rubble which Steven had himself taken from the ruined fort. This was a dream come true for many residents. Today, it houses the society's collection of local artifacts including a vast amount of native materials. There is also a small gift shop and meeting room where different events are scheduled throughout the year.

Much of the past recorded history of the area is due to the efforts of J. Elet Milton (1881-1968) a resident of Brewerton. Mr. Milton also left a large historical collection to the Society and made available the land where the first Brewerton Museum was built on Library Street in 1965.